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Remarks such as "unique" "helpful" "creative" "much needed", "wonderfully conceived" "make this a Canadian award" have been part of an ongoing conversation with freelance writers and writing organizations since the first Dave Greber Freelance Writers Awards were granted in 2004.

Canadian freelance writers in the process of completing a book or magazine article for publication are eligible and the awards give special regard to those writing in the area of social justice.

The awards honour the memory of Dave Greber whose death in 2000 prompted his partner Shirley Dunn to establish a fund to honor Dave's memory and to perpetuate his professional values through the creation of the annual Dave Greber Freelance Writers Awards. The awards represent an appropriate, ongoing contribution to Daves' chosen profession. He lived to write.

Change is a part of keeping the awards current and responsive to the changing world of writing and publishing. Since its inception in 2004 the award has been open to both book or magazines submissions but in 2007 a second separate award was created that recognizes the shorter publishing time lines specific to magazines. Freelance writers from across Canada are now eligible to compete for the award whereas at its inception the awards were open only to Calgary writers.

Change and growth remain two necessary elements of the awards. Additional funds are needed to increase the amounts of the awards, to expand the opportunity for writers living anywhere in Canada to compete, and to ensure long life for the awards.

Your financial help is needed to support freelance social justice writers who shine a light on social justice issues. Social Justice writers have found a way to make a difference and so can you.

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The Dave Greber Freelance Writers Awards recognize social justice writing that is exceptionally well written and researched by freelance writers. Through their commitment, bravery and published work freelance writers bring to light the information about social justice issues in the world community.

The Dave Greber Freelance Writers Awards will help support a writer, prior to publication, to meet expenses related to living, writing and research.
Originally open only to Calgary writers, those from anywhere in Canada may now submit their work.
Awards are presented to a Canadian freelance writer who has a contract for publication of a non-fiction magazine article or book.
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Dave Greber was a prolific, working writer who was committed to the rigorous professionalism of non-fiction freelance writing. Though Dave wrote extensively about Canadian business, he also wrote about the environment, social justice issues, cowboys in Western Canada, and the lasting effects of violence on the individual. Dave wrote books and magazine articles on a wide range of subjects from the environment to issues related to social justice.
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